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An Otter Comes to Town

Otters in the middle of a small city? Yesterday Ed and I were passing over a creek that runs under one of the local streets in town. “Hey, look at this!” a woman with her pet shih tzu motioned us … Continue reading

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Golden Retriever, Tiger Stepmom

In Golden Retriever Adopts 3 Tiger Cubs at Zoo, I learned something fascinating. One, that a domestic dog would willingly nurse the young of another species (we’re talking about TIGERS here), and two, that it isn’t unheard of. I know … Continue reading

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Wild Donkey Gets Friendly!

In This Donkey is a Ham, I learned not only that wild donkeys live in South Dakota, but one particular individual likes to stick his head in car windows! The photo I saw was a little surreal; the woman in … Continue reading

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Cat Pets for Kids

Cat pets are a wonderful way to introduce your child to the joys of pet ownership and responsibility. When our children were very young, we brought a one year old tabby cat into the household. She came from an animal … Continue reading

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Pet Lovers – Keep Fish in the Tank!

Pet lover fish enthusiasts are for the most part smart, caring individuals. And salt water aquariums take a lot of care and a lot of money to maintain well. So why has someone or several someones let their voracious lion … Continue reading

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