California Cat Lover Helps Pregnant Stray

momma cat meets kittenIt’s nice to hear some news about a genuine cat lover. George McCloskey of Roseville California recently saved the life of an expectant mama cat and her brood of kittens.

She was a stray that luckily found her way into his heart and home. When she had difficulty delivering her kittens, Mr. McCloskey took her to the vet and paid to have a C-section delivery! What a wonderful thing to do, and how nice that he was actually acknowledged in a news story! (According to the report, all the kittens are doing fine.)

The real truth is that there are a lot more animal lovers than people who are cruel to animals, but you’d never know it by reading the papers and looking at internet news sources. I’d like it if all the happy ending, animal loving stories were as commonly published as the other kind. I’d wager that most cat lovers would rather read the stories with happy endings.

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