Pet Lovers and Politics

mccain has pet ferretI found an article about pet lovers and their political leanings written by Tony Barboza of the LA Times. It was based on an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll.

I was interested to learn that dog owners favor McCain43% to 34% and pet owners overall lean towards McCain, 42% to 37%. Why would this be?

It seems that Senator Obama has no pets currently, while Senator McCain has a LOT of pets. Not just dogs and cats, but a ferret, salt water fish, two turtles and three parakeets! He sounds a lot like my customers.

I doubt that pet owners are consciously leaning towards McCain over Obama just because of his pet population. I’ll bet it has more to do with trusting someone who loves animals enough to fill every nick and cranny of his life with them. With all the confusion these days on who to vote for, which candidate is the biggest animal lover may be as good a reason as any to lean in one direction or another.

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