Hitchhiking Peacock Needs New Home

I just read a story about a hitchhiking peacock in Pennsylvania. Now peacocks are certainly unusual birds, but I’ve never heard of one willingly hopping into a truck and patiently sitting between two people as they drove down the highway.

peacock close upWhen I lived in California, some of our neighbors had peacocks on their property. Shortly after we moved there I recognized their call, somewhere between a crying baby and a yowling cat, and knew they weren’t far away. One hot September afternoon a pure white male walked majestically across our front yard as if it were his palace grounds. His owner was following close behind, relieved to finally catch up with the truant.

I felt as if my property had been blessed, and thereafter when I heard them call, I’d picture this glorious white bird with a harem of peahens, thankful I’d been lucky enough to make his acquaintance.

But that’s my peacock story. As to the one in Pennsylvania, the man who picked him up still hasn’t found a home for him, not even at the local zoo!

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