New Gorilla Population Discovered

Gorillas were recently discovered living in a paradise deep in the Republic of the Congo. This is a wonderful discovery; it literally doubles the number of gorillas in the world today- fully 125,000 more than were known about previously. However, they are still considered endangered.

gorilla with fruitI was shocked to discover that 1/4 of all the world’s populations of gorillas have been wiped out in the last 12 years due to the Ebola virus. That is massively disturbing! This deadly virus kill up to 90% of its gorilla victims, and 80% of human victims.

Add to that the poaching of the gorillas for bush meat, and there’s a very worrisome scene for these wonderful primates. But the discovery of a large population of gorillas living happily in a jungle paradise makes me feel much more hopeful for their future.

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