Chihuahuas from Kuwait Get US Home

Two little chihuahuas from Kuwait have found loving homes in the USA, after a year of rough treatment in their native home.

chihuahua at homeTheir lives started out well; they were originally purchased by a nanny working for royalty in Saudi Arabia. This next part is a little hard to believe, but when the family had a hard time providing for them, they were turned over to a kennel that mistreated them, giving them little food or water. How these two held on to life is a miracle in itself.

Arizona Chihuahua Rescue to the rescue! They were flown to Arizona using the almost $4,000 donated by Protecting Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). As of July 30th they hadn’t been put up for adoption yet, but I imagine they have a new home by now.

What a couple of lucky Chihuahuas!

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