Green Dog Pets

In Save the Planet Your Pets and Yourself, I read about Christine and Mike Mallar who’ve started an ecologically friendly dog products business for pets. This is right up my alley, and I’d go right to their store and shop if I had a dog.

black and white dogsI’m on my own green product kick right now, recycling plastic and carrying all my groceries home from the store in canvas bags. For the sake of our kids, grandkids and all the plants, animals, pets and people that come after us it’s a good idea to pay attention to this kind of thing. I admire anyone who starts a business based on this premise, and my hats are off to the Mallars.

A pet peeve (really, I hate puns and didn’t mean it!) of mine is the use of non- recyclable plastic bags to collect doggie doo in. I think a person should look a little further than a pristine yard and dog poop now festering in a non biodegradable baggie before feeling self-righteous about this disposal method. After all, the dog poop is biodegradable. How about burying it? Maybe there are other issues, like the water supply and so forth, but those plastic bags are bad news, this I know for sure.

Hmm, I wonder if Green Dog Pet Supply carries a biodegradable solution? If anyone finds out, please let me know!

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