Shimmery Hummingbird Jewelry to Love

My colorful hummingbird jewelry is iridescent and as delicate as the ruby throated beauties you may see buzzing through your back yard. I created them in fine pewter and my talented New England painters decorate them in these lovely colors.

enamel hummingbird earringsI see a lot of butterflies in my Florida backyard, but not so many hummingbirds. I hope you’re lucky enough to have them visiting your flowers or feeder. My sister was just here for a week and I sent her home to Rhode Island wearing a pair.

I’ve seen the ones in her yard, lucky girl. They fly so close that I’ve been startled by the buzzing of their wings after they stop off at her bright red nectar feeder before zooming back to the trees at the periphery.

So I do my best. I may not have the real thing here-unless, of course, you count the hummingbird jewelry in my studio waiting to zoom off to your place!

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