Pug Pendant in Silver – Puppy Jewelry!

This pug puppy pendant in sterling silver is my tribute to one of the cutest dog babies on the planet. It was an irresistible design for me because I am such a sucker for adorableness. By the way, I said ONE of the cutest puppies, not the only cute puppy.

And you know, whether you own a black pug or a fawn and black pug, this little fellow can represent your little darling. That’s the great thing about sterling silver. It just takes a little imagination to fill in the color.

As a matter of fact, I have an enamel fawn and black pug jewelry design in the works, and it should be up on my pug jewelry page before long.

What can I say? Sure there’s lots of dog breed jewelry I haven’t created yet, and perhaps it’s unfair to be adding yet more PUG designs, but there you have it. You can always wear this little silver pug pendant and hope that someday your Pomeranian will appear as well. Don’t give up!

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