Raw Food for Pets

I’ve heard a lot about feeding dogs and cats raw meat, since that’s what they’d be feasting on naturally. But there seem to be a lot of pros and cons on both sides of the raw vs. cooked food for pets debate.

two dogsI don’t have a dog or cat at the moment, so I can’t weigh in on this with any personal experience. However, I understand the theory behind the raw pet food movement. I also know that if I were going to feed my cat or dog raw food, I’d want to make sure it was organic and free of any of the disgusting additives most of our meat contains. Come to think of it, shouldn’t that be true of what we put in our own bodies?

The main thing is to feed your pet something you feel is good for him/her. So do your own research, whether or not you choose to go the raw food route.

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