Pot Bellied Pig Pets

I was surprised to learn that Reese Witherspoon is fond of pot bellied pigs. In fact she took her two young children out to shop for one. The one she chose was adorable; but of course, I think most baby things are.

I have a tiny bit of experience with pot bellied pigs.

I’ve got some customers who own them, and a few years back they asked me to make them some custom pot belled pig earrings. Of course, I obliged.

And when we bought our Florida home, a very fat and friendly pot bellied pig named Audrey was living in a pen in the our backyard. I greeted her warmly, but requested she be moved to a petting zoo, where she’d get a lot more attention than I could ever give her.

I wonder if Ms. Witherspoon still has that pig, and what she ended up naming it?

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