Pet Lovers – Keep Fish in the Tank!

Pet lover fish enthusiasts are for the most part smart, caring individuals. And salt water aquariums take a lot of care and a lot of money to maintain well. So why has someone or several someones let their voracious lion fish go in the Caribbean?

This is a scary situation. According to one report I read, shortly after these fish are introduced into an area, the native population of fish can be 80% destroyed. The worst part is that they have few predators, since this is not their natural environment. ( They originate in the Indian Ocean and the tropical Pacific.)

Apparently groupers find them delectable, but this species has been so over fished that there aren’t enough of them to put a dent in the lion fish population. With the delicate state of our environment, we all have to pay more attention to keeping non-native fish where they belong- in the aquarium.

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