An Otter Comes to Town

Otters in the middle of a small city? Yesterday Ed and I were passing over a creek that runs under one of the local streets in town. “Hey, look at this!” a woman with her pet shih tzu motioned us across the street where she stood looking into the water below. “Otters!” she said, pointing. I could hardly believe my eyes or my luck.

A pretty good sized otter was diving and surfacing about 20 yards from where we stood. When his head popped up he stared at us, motionless. “Isn’t he cute?” the woman exclaimed. He seemed to be traveling with his mate, and we continued to watch as they dove and surfaced for another couple minutes, then disappeared.

It seems that otters are fairly common in brackish streams in this area, but it’s only the second time I’ve seen one. When we lived near a pond many years ago, we’d occasionally find an otter making himself at home there. That particular pond was alligator free, lucky for that little otter.

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