Butterfly Jewelry to Love

Butterfly jewelry comes in such a variety of styles and colors that adding my own version to the mix was a little daunting! But I love color, and decided to see what I could do to create some interestingly creative designs. I settled on blue, green and lavender butterflies in two color tones with a little sparkle to highlight the design.  My sterling silver and 14K gold butterflies are perfect for a classier look.

I like to think that living in Florida was an inspiration when it came to making butterflies, but the truth is that they can be found almost everywhere on the planet. Some of the most interesting and gorgeous examples are from the rain forest; living jewels in blues, reds and yellows.

But even in homely Ohio where I grew up, butterfly beauty was a part of every summer, and we looked forward to seeing these first harbingers of spring. My interest in these beautiful insects goes back a few decades, and it became time at last to create my own line of butterfly jewelry.

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