Picking the White House Dog

I think the new president and his administration will have their hands full, don’t you agree? Soaring inflation, a falling job market and everything else that goes along with being a leader of the free world. During rough times our pets can give great comfort, and what could be rougher and more challenging than the presidency?

a dog

I hope they find a dog that can be a part of their family; insert lightheartedness and humor when things get rough, help the little girls through their transition as “first children” and so forth. I don’t know if they’ve decided on a dog breed yet, but the opinions flying around the internet are pretty varied.

Rescue dogs are a great choice for a family with lots of time to acclimate a dog that may have come from an abusive or neglectful environment. My choice for them would be a puppy or older dog that was well loved and can easily fit into their lifestyle. It just seems like common sense.

I wish the best for President-elect Obama. Whatever your political leanings are, every one of us should support him, especially in the tough beginning days.

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