Pet Chickens

I’ve heard a lot about pet chickens lately. I know quite a few veterinarians, some of whom treat poultry exclusively. Of course most of them are involved in farm animal care, but there is a growing culture of people raising chickens for not only their eggs, but as outdoor pets. Thus the increase in vets as pet chicken doctors.

This amuses me. I’ve always thought chickens were funny animals, with their own little system of government. The “pecking order” is a real thing. You have to be at the top of the group to eat first, get the best roosting spot and so forth. If you notice one hen pecking another for no discernable reason, it could be a reminder of who the stronger bird is.

Even if you are a chicken eater, you’d probably agree that farm raised poultry should be allowed the freedom to be themselves, stretch their wings and legs and eat the diet that they were meant to. I’d venture to say that a happier chicken is a healthier chicken. Makes sense to me!

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