Hissing Cockroaches Make Oddball Pets

Most people have heard of the hissing cockroach. There area people who swear by them as calm, good-natured pets. I have my own opinions on cockroaches of the American persuasion, but I know little about these creatures from Madagascar. Except, of course, that they hiss. Have you ever heard one?

They look about the same size as our euphemistically named “palmetto bugs” here in Florida. But that is one insect I will never feel fondly towards. The only other cockroach with which I have any familiarity with are the smaller, very sneaky brown bugs that inhabit certain dwellings in more northern climes.

Perhaps this is why, after 10 years of living in Florida, I still harbor such tender feelings toward northern California. I never once met up with a cockroach there.

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