Honey Bees in Spring

Whenever I see a honeybee on a clover, I breathe a little sigh of relief. One of my relatives on the other side of Florida once mentioned to me that she planted a garden which never produced any squash. Anyone who’s ever planted zucchini knows the problem is not  that you can’t get any vegetables from it. Pretty much the exact opposite is the case!

honey bee

But my aunt, a real thinking octogenarian, traced it to the malathion spraying the state was doing to kill fruit flies a few years earlier. “I never saw any bees after that,” she told me.

I’ve planted a garden this year, but I’m holding my breath until the squash flowers present me with some  baby zucchinis. I’ve got loads of cherry tomatoes, so I figure the bees must be around. If I lived in the country, I  I’d have my own bee hives.

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