The Owl Across the Street

About a week ago my husband and I stopped by to visit my Aunt Margie in Jacksonville. The plan was to take her out to dinner, but she stepped outside without her keys and we were locked out instead.


Ed to the rescue. Aunt Margie, who just turned eighty-two, sat on the front stoop with me and while we waited while Ed went to call a locksmith. “I just can’t believe I did that!” She was humiliated, but I enjoyed listening to the crickets and frogs, and talking about my Uncle Ed who passed away a couple years ago. “He’d be pacing up and down the sidewalk!” she chuckled. “It’s a good thing Ed (referring to MY Ed) is even-tempered.”

But something happened to make this little incident well worth it. A very large owl settled on top of a telephone pole across the street. I couldn’t believe my luck! “Margie, look at that huge owl!” She could not see it, but I assured her it was there, and stepped across the street to get a better look. He flew to a neighbor’s oak tree after he caught wind of my interest.

“Margie, if you hadn’t locked us out, I never would have seen that owl. ”

“Oh Dear Gussie,” she chuckled.

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