What Animal Ate my Mango?

Or, Possums, Raccoons and the Hazards of Tropical Fruit Trees in Florida!


We have a beautiful mango tree that so far has brought only one mango a year to fruition. This I pamper for several months, investing gallons of water and some of my best compost to help it grow and ripen. Last year, the mango disappeared while we were on a trip to Kansas City. But the year before, it ripened lusciously and we enjoyed it in fruit salads for two days.

This year, my single mango began to ripen while we were still at home, and I kept a careful  eye on it. Critters love mangoes, and probably smell the beguiling fragrance for blocks.  One morning I glanced out towards the tree and noticed a mysterious object on the ground, half green,  half brilliant orange. Oh No! I  walked  slowly  towards the tree’s drip line to confirm the tragic loss. But before I tossed the remains into the compost, I examined it carefully. A few scratch marks, some chewed off mango meat – not too bad! I brought it inside and sawed off the mangled part and sliced the rest into a glass bowl.

Possum or raccoon, I’ll never know. But I can’t blame that mysterious furry thief. It was delicious!

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