Bird Pets find Love

Bird pets get up early, and so do their human companions. And if there are baby birds to hand feed, their people’s lives are altered drastically! These little downy bits of fluff and pin feathers can require up to four feedings a day. But the lasting bond created between man (or woman) and bird is well worth it. Bird care at its best and most rewarding.

African Grey Parrot

Many of my customers own birds and have told me they are unbelievably smart, especially African Grey parrots, which are known for their talented vocabulary. Some bird owners swear that their birds communicate in a way that actually makes sense. In other words, they aren’t just repeating phrases randomly, but as a response that actually fits.

I know it must take a lot of patience to raise and be a companion to bird pets, but if you’re a natural bird lover, what choice do you have?

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