Animal Welfare Means Less Meat

two black cowsAnimal Welfare may directly link to eating less meat. That’s what a lot of people are realizing today, and it makes a lot of sense to me.

For instance, it’s been said that if all of us ate one fewer meat dish a week, 25 million starving people could be fed with the grain saved. Think of it! And all those poor farm animals not being cruelly butchered to provide food. Veganism may not be the complete answer, but eliminating some animal products from our diet certainly wouldn’t hurt us.

I’ve always found it odd that the person who lovingly cares for his pet bird may gnaw on a turkey wing for dinner. We humans are masters of deceit, especially where convenience is concerned. If animal welfare is something you feel passionate about, perhaps the entire animal spectrum should be confronted, not separated by ideas of pet animals versus food animals.

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