Merry Rosenfield in her Florida StudioI’ve always wanted to have a blog where I could talk with other animal lovers. And why not invite everyone to share favorite pictures of their pets as well?

I know that all pet lovers have wonderful tales to tell about their animals. Being a pet owner is one of the most rewarding of all lifestyles, and I wanted to create a way for those funny, sad, amazing or heroic incidents to be shared.

• Is your pet brilliant?
• Does your dog sing when you play the harmonica?
• Do you have a goldfish that knows its name?
• How many pets did you say you have?

You get the idea. I want to hear all about it.

My mother used to share her own animal stories, pre-depression era tales from a small town in Kentucky. She’d lie on the comfortable wide back of her favorite cow, reading a book while Daisy meandered across their 2 country acres.

Or she squatted in the barnyard watching her ginger cat baby sit for newly hatched chicks while mother hen placidly pecked at her dinner. The cat was called “Sim Tat” and mom always planned to write a story about him, illustrating it herself. (She was an artist as well.)

That story never happened, at least in written form. That’s one reason why I’m inviting you to participate. I’m sure some of the most amazing animal tales are the ones that never get shared outside the family, and I think they should be!

Telling our stories and posting our photographs brings about a little more reality with our fellow animal lovers who may live thousands of miles away, perhaps in a completely different country.

I have a new friend in Great Britain, for instance, who has sent me lovely photos and stories about her turtles and canaries. Just reading her thoughts made me feel I knew her at a new level, way beyond some stranger who exchanged a couple emails with me. How people deal with and communicate about their pets can be insightful.Merry Rosenfield with Molly The Cat

Maybe you think no one would really be interested in what you have to say about your pet. I’d like to reassure you this is not true! I can’t wait to hear how owning a new puppy makes you feel, or what kind of mischief your house rabbit has gotten into.

And tell me about the other pets, too- the ones that aren’t furry. Reptiles and amphibians are marvelously interesting animals. It’s been years since I’ve shared my life with one, and I want to know what it’s like for you. Do you have a pet python? Tell me (and the world) all about it!

Some people keep insects for pets. Hurrah! These make fascinating pets, with all those different life cycles to observe. I’ve always been a sucker for pretty bugs and want to hear about your insect experiences.

Let’s create a big new family of pet and animal lovers across the planet. I’m sure we all have a lot in common.


Merry Rosenfield

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