Wild Donkey Gets Friendly!

In This Donkey is a Ham, I learned not only that wild donkeys live in South Dakota, but one particular individual likes to stick his head in car windows! The photo I saw was a little surreal; the woman in the car seat next to the window looks completely unfazed by this interloper.

Wild burros have been with us in the southwest since the 16th century, introduced by Spaniards. They can live anywhere within 10 miles of water, so they’re a good pack animal for arid places. Since they don’t have a natural predator, they can live  up to  25 years.

There are over 20,000 of them now in the USA, many of them descendants of early prospectors’ pack animals.

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Cat Pets for Kids

Cat pets are a wonderful way to introduce your child to the joys of pet ownership and responsibility. When our children were very young, we brought a one year old tabby cat into the household. She came from an animal shelter, and despite her reported skittishness around children settled in well.

I just read an article written by a vet that covered a lot of great information about this sort of thing. If you have small children and are thinking about getting a cat, this would be a good place to start your research.

One point the doctor makes that I would certainly agree with is that the parent is going to be the primary caretaker or the animal, especially if your child is very young. But since kids learn by imitating the adults around them, this is a great way to introduce them to proper pet care.

Yes, cat pets are a great way to teach your little ones gentle animal care at a tender age.

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Pet Lovers – Keep Fish in the Tank!

Pet lover fish enthusiasts are for the most part smart, caring individuals. And salt water aquariums take a lot of care and a lot of money to maintain well. So why has someone or several someones let their voracious lion fish go in the Caribbean?

This is a scary situation. According to one report I read, shortly after these fish are introduced into an area, the native population of fish can be 80% destroyed. The worst part is that they have few predators, since this is not their natural environment. ( They originate in the Indian Ocean and the tropical Pacific.)

Apparently groupers find them delectable, but this species has been so over fished that there aren’t enough of them to put a dent in the lion fish population. With the delicate state of our environment, we all have to pay more attention to keeping non-native fish where they belong- in the aquarium.

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Lady Bug Invasion!

A ladybug invasion? It can happen.

At certain times of the year, these little red and black bugs will gather in gigantic groups. I don’t think they’re trying to keep warm, but there must be something comforting about it for them. Maybe it’s the only time they really feel safe, being as small as they are.

I witnessed one of these swarms when I lived in California many years ago. We were in a canyon just outside Los Gatos, and noticed large numbers of them gathering on the rocky walls. They were also flying all over the place, landing on our windshield and climbing up tree trunks. The neighbors took it in stride. After all, who can argue with having thousands of the best natural pet control machines in your back yard? One thing about lady bugs in such large numbers- you can smell them!

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Pet Health for Human Health

Pet health can be a good excuse to keep yourself in tip top form! I’ve read recently that people who own pets tend to be calmer, happier and hence healthier humans. Add a little outdoor exercise to that idea and you have a practically unbeatable way to stay in shape.

Besides, dogs have to go on walks anyway. Why not take your best friend to the beach, or on a long walk in the country? Both of you will benefit in more ways than one. Not only are you getting some great exercise, but you can relax your mind at the same time.

And that black lab probably gets a little stressed out when you’re at work- so it can be a relaxing and completely enjoyable experience for both of you. Simple, fun and valuable. Pet health and human health together!

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Pot Bellied Pig Pets

I was surprised to learn that Reese Witherspoon is fond of pot bellied pigs. In fact she took her two young children out to shop for one. The one she chose was adorable; but of course, I think most baby things are.

I have a tiny bit of experience with pot bellied pigs.

I’ve got some customers who own them, and a few years back they asked me to make them some custom pot belled pig earrings. Of course, I obliged.

And when we bought our Florida home, a very fat and friendly pot bellied pig named Audrey was living in a pen in the our backyard. I greeted her warmly, but requested she be moved to a petting zoo, where she’d get a lot more attention than I could ever give her.

I wonder if Ms. Witherspoon still has that pig, and what she ended up naming it?

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Highland Cow Cutie

A miniature Highland cow made an appearance recently on a TV show about a woman who raised all kinds of farm animals and took them around to schools for children to pet and feed. I loved the footage of 6 and 7 year old children stroking miniature goats; even feeding one of them with a bottle!

But I’d never heard of miniature Highland cattle.

This breed which is also called Hairy Coo or Heilan Coo come from Scotland originally, where they’re raised for their meat. They’ve been exported to the USA since the first part of the last century.

Super hardy, they’ll eat a lot of plants that other cattle shun, so they make good grazers.

Personally, I’d love to have one for a pet, especially a miniature Highland cow!

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Hyacinth Macaw Bird Photo

The lovely hyacinth macaw from eastern and central South America is a breathtakingly beautiful shade of blue. It’s the largest flying parrot in the world; I once had the honor of having one perch on my arm, and I couldn’t believe how light it was.

These are very expensive birds to own as pets; several years ago they sold for $10,000 and I’m sure they must be a lot more in this economy. I know people now breed them and sell hand-fed babies, which is surely helping out the shrinking wild populations of these beautiful birds.

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Dog Breed Picture – French Bulldog Love

This dog breed picture of a loving French bulldog would warm any dog lover’s heart. It’s interesting- with way fewer facial muscles to communicate emotion, dogs still manage to tell us what’s in their heart.

Dog breeds seem to wax and wane in popularity due to shifting interests, probably in TV shows and movies starring them, for the most part. I’m not sure what’s given the little Frenchie his boost, but looking at this dog breed picture that exudes love and devotion, I’m not surprised by it.

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Pug Pendant in Silver – Puppy Jewelry!

This pug puppy pendant in sterling silver is my tribute to one of the cutest dog babies on the planet. It was an irresistible design for me because I am such a sucker for adorableness. By the way, I said ONE of the cutest puppies, not the only cute puppy.

And you know, whether you own a black pug or a fawn and black pug, this little fellow can represent your little darling. That’s the great thing about sterling silver. It just takes a little imagination to fill in the color.

As a matter of fact, I have an enamel fawn and black pug jewelry design in the works, and it should be up on my pug jewelry page before long.

What can I say? Sure there’s lots of dog breed jewelry I haven’t created yet, and perhaps it’s unfair to be adding yet more PUG designs, but there you have it. You can always wear this little silver pug pendant and hope that someday your Pomeranian will appear as well. Don’t give up!

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