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Kitties, Very Large Ones

Dave Salmoni, in his post Aggressive Kitties, writes in a way I found hard to stop reading. He’s been spending some time with the really big cats in Africa and seems to have mixed feelings about their temperament. Understandable, since … Continue reading

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Seeing Eye Horse- Miniature Miracle

When Dan Shaw, a blind man discovered the existence of minature horse works as seeing eye guide on a “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” segment, he decided he wanted to have one himself. Dan sounds like my kind of guy- … Continue reading

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A Tribute -Animal Lover Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter, animal lover and artist was born during the time of Queen Victoria. From early childhood Beatrix was fascinated with animals and plants- drawing wonderfully well from a very early age. Recently my husband and I watched the film … Continue reading

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Animal Lover Helps Birds and Reptiles

Jen Miller is a true animal lover! This experienced veterinary technician makes sure that animals in Maryland State Parks get the best care possible. Seventy four birds and one hundred and fifty reptiles look towards Jen for help and healing. … Continue reading

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