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Hyacinth Macaw Bird Photo

The lovely hyacinth macaw from eastern and central South America is a breathtakingly beautiful shade of blue. It’s the largest flying parrot in the world; I once had the honor of having one perch on my arm, and I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Lyrebird- World’s Most Talented Mimic

I’ve heard of the Lyre Bird, but I had no idea they were such incredibly talented mimics. In this remarkable video with David Attenborough, a Lyrebird impersonates other birds and sounds in its environment with astounding precision. Mr. Attenborough points … Continue reading

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Bird Pets find Love

Bird pets get up early, and so do their human companions. And if there are baby birds to hand feed, their people’s lives are altered drastically! These little downy bits of fluff and pin feathers can require up to four … Continue reading

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