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Holiday Pet News

The holidays can be a tricky time for your pets. Mistletoe, poinsettia and other plants can be harmful to both cats and dogs. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and forget to keep an eye on your … Continue reading

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Cat Pets for Kids

Cat pets are a wonderful way to introduce your child to the joys of pet ownership and responsibility. When our children were very young, we brought a one year old tabby cat into the household. She came from an animal … Continue reading

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Cat Baths

Cats taking baths. Why is this cute? From tiny kittens clumsily learning how, to lions grooming themselves after a delicious wildebeest supper- the image of a cat bathing is always adorable and a little humorous as well. Unlike most people, … Continue reading

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Kitties, Very Large Ones

Dave Salmoni, in his post Aggressive Kitties, writes in a way I found hard to stop reading. He’s been spending some time with the really big cats in Africa and seems to have mixed feelings about their temperament. Understandable, since … Continue reading

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Catnip- What’s with this Stuff?

I’ve had some catnip loving cats and some that seemed to give it one disdainful sniff and move on. Maybe it’s a hereditary thing, but according to what I’ve read, somewhere between 70% and 80% of all cats both wild … Continue reading

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Cat Care – Traveling with Kitty

I was interested in Driving Miss Kitty: Restrain your cat for safety while you drive because it covered a topic in cat care that most people don’t think much about. I realize that a yowling cat in a carrier can … Continue reading

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Cats and Dogs in Our Lives

Cats and dogs make strange bedfellows, at least most of the time. In Cats, Dogs, and their Owners agree on Dog Parks Barbara Arietta has written a thoughtful piece about the need for a dog park in Pacifica California. I … Continue reading

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Black & White Cat Earrings, Just for Cat Lovers

My black and white cat earrings dangle enticingly from French wires, looking ready to pounce on something. At least that’s what I had in mind when I designed them. There’s something neat about a tuxedo cat; almost as if their … Continue reading

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California Cat Lover Helps Pregnant Stray

It’s nice to hear some news about a genuine cat lover. George McCloskey of Roseville California recently saved the life of an expectant mama cat and her brood of kittens. She was a stray that luckily found her way into … Continue reading

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Animal Lover Helps Birds and Reptiles

Jen Miller is a true animal lover! This experienced veterinary technician makes sure that animals in Maryland State Parks get the best care possible. Seventy four birds and one hundred and fifty reptiles look towards Jen for help and healing. … Continue reading

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