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Golden Retriever, Tiger Stepmom

In Golden Retriever Adopts 3 Tiger Cubs at Zoo, I learned something fascinating. One, that a domestic dog would willingly nurse the young of another species (we’re talking about TIGERS here), and two, that it isn’t unheard of. I know … Continue reading

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Dog Breed Picture – French Bulldog Love

This dog breed picture of a loving French bulldog would warm any dog lover’s heart. It’s interesting- with way fewer facial muscles to communicate emotion, dogs still manage to tell us what’s in their heart. Dog breeds seem to wax … Continue reading

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Cats and Dogs in Our Lives

Cats and dogs make strange bedfellows, at least most of the time. In Cats, Dogs, and their Owners agree on Dog Parks Barbara Arietta has written a thoughtful piece about the need for a dog park in Pacifica California. I … Continue reading

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A Smiling Dalmatian named Cid

When I was in grade school, my older sister Holly had an elegant male Dalmatian that she doted on. Holly was 14 years old. Cid was sweet-faced and good tempered. And he embarrassed easily. One morning Holly went to let … Continue reading

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